The archer, my new favorite melee class.

  • No, really.

    I put off playing that up to then perceived POS class until last, but now I figured I go for veteran unlocks there as well.

    Turns out if you ignore the stupid arrow and bow crap completely(which I still hate with a passion), and go for a mad ninja hack-attack build instead, you are suddenly playing a whole new game.

    While every other archer in your team often has a massive yellow streak and turns to run from knights and VGs, you can be charging forward to the team objective, OH-stabbing the crap out of a knight, a VG and then pushing the cart for half a mile before they even realize it was an archer doing all of that.

    And the challenge of only having 1 free hit and then being dead brings it to a whole new scale of “be quick or be dead”.
    Plus it is so priceless when suddenly the other team allocates 2-3 knights/VGs to hunt you down as archer, because you are bombing them precisely with a catapult and then taking them out if they only come single file. :D

    Just wanted to share.
    Archers, stop shooting and start living, I say. 8-)

  • The backstab bonus really does make archer a beast in melee if you can set up the right situations to use it. My main gripe with archer melee is that I am unable to consistently beat the other high skill players in the game in melee 1v1 situations, I just get outclassed by most people rank 40+ when we meet on the edges of the fights, whereas if I am playing man at arms I can duel pretty much anybody successfully.

  • An Archer is pretty good with melee if you know what you’re doing. With a shield (Jav) & short sword or a dagger, you can land more hits faster than the bigger classes, especially if they’re using 2 handed weapons and try to parry you out of time with your attacks.

    I butter knifed a few knights in my day. 8-)

  • A feinting archer with a cudgel is the stuff of nightmares. :(

  • @DokB:

    A feinting archer with a cudgel is the stuff of nightmares. :(

    I actually much prefer the second dagger(first row) or shortsword.
    I have found the cudgel to be incredibly slow and unwieldy so far.

    You guys are right, of course. Its the most fun against people rank 0-20, once there are real pros you do have to play a LOT more sneaky-ninja to not just get ba-bam’d all the time.

  • Now to start the eternal debate: cudgel or short sword?

  • @venom2:

    Now to start the eternal debate: cudgel or short sword?

    At the start, I used to use the Cudgel all the time cuz I liked exploding heads, but the Short Sword seems to be the most balanced between the daggers and cudgel…. ie: the fastest to use with a decent range and decent damage… "The Super Dagger"

  • Shortsword > Cudgel

    The stab on cudgel is lack lustre while everything with the shortsword is good whether it be slash, stab or overhead. And now that sprinting has been fixed, you can get those really quick burst dashes and attacks off really quickly with the shortsword.

    Shortsword on other classes is great as well. If I’m using Dane Axe on Stoneshill, I like to lure people under the bridge and get up close and personal with the shortsword while all their attacks that aren’t stabs will hit the sides of the bridges arch.

  • I play with light crossbow or shortbow and dagger. Skirmisher style all the way. Saber in duel mode.

  • There are some very good dagger archers out there. I’m an all rounder though I prefer the shortsword or cudgel.

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