(After Patch) FPS Drops

  • I know… I know… This game has been optimized because some players are having FPS drops. The thing is I don’t have any problem about the FPS drops on this game and my machine can run this game very smooth on highest settings. But after the patch I’ve noticed a significant loss of frame rate on stonehill and arena.

  • I have always run the Citadel with a very light FPS drop. This morning, it was a slideshow like never before. Also it was imbalanced for the masons like never before but that might be because of the rank discrepancy (avrg. 10 vs 35 :D ).

  • I am also suffering with severe frame rate issues since the latest patch especially on citadel. Parts of the map have become unplayable now on lowest settings im losing around 30 -50 frames. I was getting reasonable framerate before on much higher settings Im using nvidia gtx 560 on q6600 with 4gb ram.
    I had been previously surprised to find suddenly after a patch i was getting a wonderful game experience pretty much constant 62 frames and was less affected by largely populated servers (it was even possible to play on 64 player servers but now again I suffer with more than 16) :

    Ok Solved IT! There is an nvidia driver update I missed the game is much more stable now

  • We if you used the FPS booster in my sig the patch redownloaded many of the changed files back to what they were.

    So you need to do it again.

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