36mb download?

  • Recently downloaded 36mb, what were they for?

  • bug fixes maybe?

  • I hope so, i’ll like to know which :P

  • Nothing in official news or anything yet, presuming it was a localisation fix, or a Steam thing. (Steam does that sometimes with games, does mini patches for how it handles the files).

    I could be wrong though, just personally haven’t heard anything. If it was anything major though or a proper bugfix, I’m sure an announcement would be posted in the official news section, since they’d want people to know a major bug wasn’t a problem anymore heh.

  • Just some backend stuff nobody would care about. Any time there’s a real patch, even if it’s just a hotfix of a single issue, there’ll be an announcement in the official news section.

  • Roger that, thanks for the quick response :)

  • **I too was curious about this, asked a bud on my Steam Friends and he linked me away this. Have a look.

    I dont know how true this is, but looks legit.**

    All maps fully optimized. FPS Cap removed to allow higher end machines ability to take advantage of the new 120 FPS average for high-end systems.

    Server Browser
    Fixed bug causing filters not to work
    Added “Quick Find” function
    Working towards matchmaking official servers for those who want increased level of competition.

    Fixed scripting errors that prevented bots from responding to attackers
    Edited bot paths

    Duel Mode
    Fixed glitches in the chat system
    Implemented an “Unranked” option for duel servers in which the results of duels don’t count towards your record.

    Fixed Invisibility glitch.
    Fixed MAA special daze exploit.
    Fixed Binded Alt Exploit.
    Fixed 1h recovery exploit
    Fixed Shield hitboxes
    Fixed Desync on multiple weapons
    Fixed Quarterstaff exploit
    Fixed stam-float glitch
    Fixed a number of map glitches
    Fixed a number of tracers (including Falcion) to more accurately represent the model

    (Someone else wrote this, I take no credit for this conclusion summary)
    As you can tell this patch has mainly attempted to fix a lot of the issues regarding the game’s playability. Unfortunately there are many more but we’ve shortened the list tremendously and are dedicated to making sure the game is truly fun for all levels of skill. Beta Patch will go live 3 weeks from now at the latest but is currently scheduled to go live April 9, 5:00 AM EST. Check this thread for updates. Our next focus will be on finishing up fixing some glitches but primarily weapon balance. We want to see what people think of the weapons now though that they have more reliable hitboxes.

  • Anything “official” will be posted here:


  • Folks I think this patch just added Tavern. The new drunken-mania map, where you beat the other man for looking at you funny!

  • Yes, that was the other patch. the 36MB download was something else as mentioned by sly. cheerios.

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