Pick up throwing weapons from corpes

  • If you could grab throwing weapons off of corpses that would be cool! It’d be kind of like, if you actually manage to hit somebody you get rewarded with another shot…if you can manage to go and grab the axe. or you can have you life saved by running into a corpse with a knife the face :P

  • This is already in the game, but you cant pick up other players projectiles.

  • … well not really realistic for my like i mean think of it:

    ur killing someone with a javelin or a dagger that is stuck between the rip bones, trying to pull that outa a dead corpse costs alot of time, and in rl nobody just gets hit right there and dies in most cases
    (dude had a metal pole right through the brain after a car accident and yet he still lives and manages his life most by himself ergo human body= tuff fucker) those men would still try to fight u for a while even if they are 1000000 percent going to die.

  • Like I said this mechanic is already in the game, even if you miss and hit a wall, you can run over and grab the throwing weapon back. Yeah it’s pretty unrealistic especially considering you only have to run over to the projectile and it automatically just gives it back to you with no collection animation, but I think it’s like that just to keep the game flowing and reward the player for being diligent and going to the effort of getting it back.

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