Server list…

  • I live in North America, I have only two filters set up. > 100 ping and hide empty. I get a return of four servers, that is, when it bothers to populate the server list at all which much of the time it doesn’t. Then when I finally find a game that has more than 3 people and a ping below 100 I try to connect and it sits there “loading game” infinitely.



    1)This is not a networking issue on my end. I am not on a network.
    2)It was working fine a few days ago
    3)every other game/server list populates/joins perfectly fine.
    4)I have tried joining multiple servers and restarting the game/steam.

  • Seriously this damned server list is bugged since……ever?
    Can’t you fix it once for all?

    Maybe we are asking for the impossible :D

  • I’m not a developer but to my knowledge most of the problems with the server browser are because of Steam, not Chivalry. It’s being worked on none-the-less.

    If it’s really bad for you you can try the alternate server browser here.

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