Mouse recommendations?

  • My current mouse is starting to crap out on me - not quite as responsive as it used to be, and the tracking seems to have gone off no matter how many times I clean my mousepad or the laser. I bring this up here because Chivalry is my most played game by far at the moment, as well as one of the most demanding on a mouse. I’m damn tired of using the scroll wheel for stabs and overheads as well - after 185 hours of play it still drives me insane and never feels consistent - but I have a weird mousing style where I basically only use my fingertips for control, making my options apparently very limited, since side buttons are extremely difficult for me to use effectively. I haven’t found anything that looks terribly suitable for playing this game in my searching, and thus I turn to the community to see if anyone else is in the same boat as I am and has any suggestions.

  • I love my Steel Series Xai. You can get them online for about $35 now. I bought mine when it was $125.

  • Side buttons… ;_;

  • “side buttons” what u mean?

  • The Razer Naga or Deathadder.

    Razer makes good quality gaming mice with low latency and high dpi (basically resolution.)

    The Razer Synapse cloud software makes the macro buttons very easy to set up. One feature i really like is the ‘sensitivity clutch’ and ‘sensitivity toggle’ which make on the fly dpi changes a breeze. The Razer Naga suits my needs, and I’d suggest it for you too, but if you’re intimidated by the amount of buttons the deathadder would be adequate.

  • @LoverBoy.USA:

    “side buttons” what u mean?

    I mean the buttons on the side of the mouse. Those are unhelpful to me at best due to how I hold the mouse, and a liability at worst due to accidental clicks. As I said, I mouse strictly with my fingertips, and my thumb and pinky cling to the sides of the mouse. If there are buttons there, I bump them when I try to move my hand. They’re also totally useless for me, since I can’t effectively press them without compromising my ability to move the mouse.

  • There’s loads of gamers out there that use the same grip, you can find lots of threads / reviews by googling for “mouse claw grip” (the official term). It’s hard to find a small symmetric mouse without side buttons though. I’m a high-sense claw player too, and have great experiences with the

    Steelseries Sensei Raw

    It has great tracking and sensitivity, the rubberized surface provides good grip for 'claw’ing a mouse between thumb and pinky, it’s light, and the sidebuttons are small enough to be out of the way. It’s pretty much no-frills, but nicely configurable (You can disable the side buttons, I never needed to though).

    The other and best suggestion I can do however, is get a

    Logitech G13 Advanced Gameboard.

    Bind the movement keys (WASD) to the thumbstick, and you have four fingers spare for the other keys. My main buttons are.

    Jump/run/crouch on G9/15/20 (pinky)
    Shove, Alt-overhead, Overhead G3-G5
    Stab, Alt-slash, Slash G10-G12

    That way I never need to move my fingers more than 1 button in combat, and never have to stop moving. Another advantage is all attacks have the same ‘priority’ in your mind, reducing LMB use. I originally bought it for use in MMO’s, but use it in lots of action/skillbased games as well now.

    Other buttons used:
    Weapon switch on G16-G19
    Esc on G1
    Forward spawn on G2
    Scoreboard on G8
    Reload on G13
    Class/Team menu on G7/G14
    Sorry, thanks, battlecry emotes on what’s left.
    Perspective change on the grey button next to the thumbstick, which I can press with the inside of my thumb knuckle.

  • I have that, and I have the razer nostromo as well. Both failed to help at all. I can’t use them comfortably - I think they were made for people with larger hands than mine.

    Edit: I should perhaps say “longer,” since I have very wide but short hands.

  • Only alternative I can think of then is a claw mouse with extra top buttons, like the
    Logitech G300 (sidebuttonless)

    CoolerMaster Storm Inferno (has side buttons)

    Razer Mamba also has two extra top buttons, but rather pronounced side buttons. It’s also more of a hybrid claw / palm grip mouse. Plus it’s wired/wireless, which I could do without.

    It’s pretty strange there’s not more mice with top buttons instead of thumb buttons, especially claw mice. The Coolermaster Storm Spawn and Xornet are afaik the most outspoken claw mice, but they all lack this feature.

  • I like that inferno!

    I really, really like my RAT 7 mouse but it died on me and I’m considering options. Meanwhile I’m using my wife’s Logitech G700 wireless. She bought it against my advice.
    wireless.gaming.mouse. :?

    Anyway she didn’t like it and I threw it in a drawer. It has 3 top buttons which can be set to anything.

    However, all of the 4 side buttons are thumb buttons, which works surprisingly well for me. I set them all as ALT at first and that worked pretty good. I added a DPI shift for arching.

    Downside - the mousewheel rolls too freely. Must move very slightly.
    Also, if the lens gets at all dirty it goes wonky.

    If you have a big hand and don’t mind a big plug-in mouse cable. “Not bad”

  • Luckily, I get to test different gaming mice regularly before I sell them, so I have some experience with many of the popular ones.

    The thing I think you should consider most, is the shape or “feel” of the mouse. It usually isn’t the best idea to just buy a mouse online that has a completely different shape to what you’re used to using. For example I find I get a better sense of tracking using my old Microsoft Intellimouse than most modern mouses, simply because it feels right in my hands.

    That said, nothing beats going to a store and trying out a bunch of different mice for yourself. If that’s not possible, just go back on memory to what shape you like from your past experiences with mice.

    Recommendations based on your finger grip, or a claw grip:

    Razer Deathadder: Fairly big, fits into hand snugly, has great tracking and support. Rubberised texture helps fight slipping. Easy to use side buttons,

    Razer Mamba: Very expensive, but best mouse on the market in my opinion. 2 sensors, wireless, and rediculously accurate tracking. A real pleasure to use. The ideal mouse.

    R.A.T 3,5,7 and 9: Reasonably priced, excellent tracking. Not ideal for your gripstyle though, but I have a similar grip style, and it feels great to me.

    Steel Series Sensei Rubberised Edition: Good all round mouse, fairly inexpensive, again, not ideal for your grip style, but another mouse that is very easy to get used to.

  • Some interesting stuff here. Thanks for the input - the Logitech G300 looks promising indeed.

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