Official Servers

  • You should not allow players to modify the server’s intentions by allowing them to pass a vote to change the map. Was on the FFA server earlier today - and the players changed the map to the tavern. No weapons, fine - I can deal with a round of this.

    They then proceed to make it a 1v1 and votekicked anyone that didn’t follow this. In-turn, banning people from the server for not dueling. When, in fact, the server is a FFA (non-duel) server.

    Basically, a populated server that I like to play is tyrannically seized by players that want to fist fight one another. They then proceed to change the map to one where you can’t use anything but fists. Then, they kick anyone that doesn’t want to fist fight 1v1.

    Highly frustrating. Especially this early in the morning, hardly any low-ping servers with a decent population.

    So please, don’t allow that map on certain servers to restrict the ability to screw over the server’s intent. Players will votekick whenever they want. Things like that happen and I’m used to it. However, as this is an official server I feel it needs to be regulated to reflect its intent.

  • Tavern is a FFA map and is totally viable to be voted for on a FFA server.

  • I think he’s referring to other players trying to enforce a “fights in the ring only” rule by votekicking anyone fighting outside the ring.

  • If people start doing that, please just add me (or any of the other mods from the steam group) and we’ll take care of it.


  • Also be sure to include more information in such a complaint to KimKims. If people are having 1v1 fights in the basement and you are down there interfering with them on purpose or slaughtering people trying to get down there, then I would have votekicked you too. If you were minding your own business fighting others not in the basement who also wanted to do normal FFA not in the basement (read: not trying to run past you to the basement) and you were kicked for not participating, then that is a problem that we need to deal with.

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