[SOLVED] Where`s the blood?

  • Hi Guys,
    i bought Chivalry on Steam and love it but i really miss the bloodsplattered floors and walls and chop sprays like in the vids. While the characters get bloodsoaked the environment stays totally clean and for example headcuts just spray little drops so how can i get the max gore? Please don`t tell me you just had that in the trailers… edit: blood decal lengh does not affect it…

  • Go to your video options and turn up the Blood decal.

  • Even though you put blood decal on highest setting… it still looks like dry paint not fresh blood running out of the body.

  • no, blood decal does not help, the blood is only on the characters, no bloody floors or walls, why? I want that… or is that only on maxed video settings?

  • solved…
    change dynamicdecal from false to true
    finally ;)

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