Really not even 1 first person only server?

  • really not even 1 first person only server?


  • I really don’t understand the point of this post.

  • There are no first person only official servers.

    But there are plenty of private server first person only ones, so keep looking!

  • seriously why does it matter what is the point of the post :fight:

  • @miller09:

    seriously why does it matter what is the point of the post :fight:

    Maybe when you leave the beginner zone you will understand…… Maybe you will never understand. Maybe you already understand and use third person but like to cry about other peoples choices when joining\creating games.

    If you want to learn about third person and some of its abuses feel free to search the forum. But I have a feeling you stare at your toes every game. So… basically shove your trolling up your ass, your overhead abuse has already been announced by devs that it will be patched. But you already knew that.

    This topic has nothing to do with that and I won’t be trolled into a debate that has been discussed so many times that it has lead to our new perspective filter.

    I just saw 3 earlier but the ping was very high, thanks for verifying that its not bugged.

  • I didn’t understand as it wasn’t clear what you were on about at all.

    Just putting official as one word didn’t mean anything. I took the meaning of the word official instead of linking it to official servers.

    And there are plenty of 1st person server out there. I stumble upon them by chance. Another reason why I was bewildered. As they are everywhere.

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