Fist only server?

  • i played on 1 the other day to test the new map tavern, and was thinking of trying it on my server to see if we can train the bots to use them and see how they do with fists only
    does any1 know how to set that up?
    what file is it set in and what do we put to activate it?

  • Just put:


    where your other maps are. Is that what you mean? Or do you want strictly for your server to ONLY have this map? If so, just remove all the rest and voila!

  • we meet again. :)
    Ty Kimi, but i meant i would like to know how to make the server use fists only, but on the maps i run now.
    isnt there a way to make a server be only fists kimi?

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  • Kimi?
    surely sum 1 must know if its possible and how to do it right?

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