New patch

  • Just want to say thank you to the Devs for fixing parrying and the game in general. It seems to be back to the eminently playable game it was before the previous patch. I had given up because parrying rarely worked and the game had turned into a glitch exploitation spree (MAA’s had a field day for a few months) but now, tons better and enjoyable again.

    I’m sure there’s a bucket-load of complaining going on in the forum but I’m not fussed about that, the game now seems to do what it says on the tin and that makes me happy. :D

  • It’s only going to get better too! ;)

  • Thank you for your positive comments. Glad to see this patch didn’t “break” it for you xD

  • I must be the only one still experiencing many weapons still (especially the falchion) bypassing block/parry. :|

  • I don’t really notice any difference in the game play…. but that’s not a bad thing as I didn’t really have any issues in the first place 8-)

  • Yes, yes Praxius, we’ve heard this all before. :P

  • My only wish for parries/blocks now is to be able to parry/block the arm on alt attacks - especially horizontal ones. If the attackers arm hits a shield/weapon, the weapon shouldn’t be able to follow through and hit me on the side.

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