Patience is key.

  • Something that seems to be a common problem in these forums is that people lack patience.

    As soon as there is change in the game, I find that people are quick to be negative. Yes, we understand that the patch may have caused some problems that weren’t there before. That is a side effect of the team trying to fix everything possible. They’re doing their best to fix everything and so there is some changes along the way, whether it’s attack speeds, servers, running, etc. Every time there is patch changes, it’s always has the intentions to benefit the game as much as possible. I understand that you might have a problem with something, but you need to realize that not everything can be fixed as soon as you would like, so the only thing you can do is make the best of the current build and still have a good time.

    The relationship between us as players and the dev. team is a give and take. It’s not they give and we just take; it’s definitely a two way street. They give us updates and it is up to us to give them with the most well meaning opinions on how they can continue to better the game. Also, as players, we also need to give them patience and time, especially considering the size and location of the team.

    Look how far they have come since their original mod, and here we all are enjoying this game. I don’t see the sense in creating topics with negativity towards the game and the team, demanding things as if they actually owe us everything we want. They’re trying to continue to make the best game possible for us so they need our support more than anything. If there is anything that we would like to see changed, we need to show them in a way that is understandable and appealing. No one is going to want to read a topic about how horrible the game is or how the patch broke this and that.

    There is already a topic stickied that very well describes how to properly assess a bug or problem that you would like to report. The overall gameplay is the same, there will always be a few tweaks but nothing game breaking. If you enjoyed the game before the patch, you’ll be able to enjoy the game after the patch.

    Everyone that is getting frustrated just needs to wait, rather than sit here and pound on the keyboard. Things are getting done, it’s just a matter of resources and time that will determine the speed of how fast patches arrive.

    At the end of the day, you really need to remember that no game is perfect but we love this game for what it is. No small change, bug, or anything of that nature should change that and if it does, then you might need to look at your standards of a game. This is after all, an indie game.

    TL;DR: Everyone needs to wait, relax, enjoy the game and refrain from bashing the game and the team for the efforts they are giving.

  • Um, the give & take thing would be about right if this game was a beta, or free. But its players have paid for content, and when that content is broken, it’s not about the player giving any more, they already gave their money, it’s about the Dev’s giving until they fix the blasted thing to work the way the content was advertised.

    New content, sure. Its new content. But anyone complaining about bugs in existing pre-purchased content doesn’t need to give anything beyond the money they already paid.

  • I understand that standpoint, but at the same time, this game overall works and does exactly what they sold it as. There is only little things that are actually of any problems. There is nothing that prevents us to play the game. The devs are doing their job in trying to fix the game as fast and as efficient as possible but that does not give us the right to trash them.

    The content we paid for works. There are a few bugs but they are being dealt with. Also the arrival of new content will cause some bugs with the already paid content. If they solely focused on fixing whatever left over problems there are after release instead of giving us new content, then we would have waited a lot longer for anything.

    Most companies have post-release support so it’s no surprise that this team is doing the same. No game is released that has 0 bugs, so there does need to be patience from the players while they fix the problems.

  • Gamers of today.

    Selfish, impatient, arrogant and they think they know it all and have a high opinion of themselves. They think they are someone important.

    People are no longer in awe of games. As its normal. Games are nothing new. And its largely the older community 30+ that fits the description above. Which is suprising.

  • Well I think it’s the rank 30+ that think everything involves creating a game around their needs.
    For example when they get a beating in this game the crying, whining and bitching is enormous, when to killing a low rank they take it as it is. (sure the game is new to them).It’s just a mental issue really.
    High ranks find it hard to accept someone is better then them because they think “they all it”.

  • I dunno, seems most of the 30+ players have just resigned themselves to learning around the new ‘bugs’. Mind, there’s a lot of hemming and hawing when a particular game mechanic they enjoy is trash-talked. (I’m looking at you, Maul users!)

    +1 to OP

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