Frame rate Issues, tried everything I've seen.

  • As the title says, I’ve tried everything I’ve seen on here to fix it, and was suggested to me by other users, and I still have bad frame rates in game.

    First things first, my desktop easily runs GTAIV, Just Cause 2, and many other games at high settings without lag. My hardware easily surpasses the minimum requirements, and yes, ALL DRIVERS ARE UP TO DATE.

    I’m running:
    AMD Phenom II X6 1080T 3.2 GHz CPU
    NVidia GeForce GTX 550 Ti
    4 GB DDR 3 Ram
    750W Power Supply
    Windows 7 64bit Professional Edition

    I’ve lowered all settings to the lowest they go, even field of view and resolution, and it’s barely playable like that.

    As long as I do nothing, the stat fps shows 90+fps, but as soon as I so much as turn my facing, the frame rate drops tremendously. I’ve looked on this forum and have followed all advice I’ve seen, including the stickied topics.

    I’m at a loss here, I really like the game, and know I’d like it even more with it running smoothly.

    Please help me if you can.

  • What programs do u run while playing.

  • None that would affects the game significantly that it would explain my problems even a little.

  • Run in 1600x900.
    Startup Option in steam -useallavailablecores
    Turn off dynamic lighting and shadows.

    As an AMD user you ll never get good fps with this engine…at least not with all options turned on.
    Only way would be a massive CPU over clock…like over 4ghz

    AMD CPU s and this Engine…that’s a tragical story :-).

  • If you type in stat unit, what numbers jump up when the fps drops?

  • Try

    Look at your cpu usage in task manager

    Update windows

    Update vid drivers

    Uninstall the game then run ccleaner reboot run ccleaner again, reinstall the game

    Turn off anti virus\firewall\anti spam, uninstall all one at a time to see if one or all of them is a problem

    never run more then 1 anti virus or firewall at once

    Use malwarebytes do a full scan in safe mode, rinse and repeat with avast anti virus

    Make sure your not over heating, remove case point household fan at your cpu, if that solves the problem your over heating.

    Make a new windows user account and only install this game.

    If you reinstall windows you likely wont need to do this but you can clean your computer from viruses in depth which is likely not the problem but go here and follow instructions and post on the forum if youd like to for free, btw everytihing I mentioned is freee or has a free version … emoval.28/

    read stickies b4 posting there or be ignored, that site also has other forum areas you can ask for advice
    Reinstall windows

    p.s. your system may be more then enough that doesnt mean the game might be causing you to over heat or something, anyways the free advice you can get at techspot is pretty nifty

    p.s.s. what slows windows down thingy might help who knows … own.58483/

  • Just spare the man s time and dont put him through these mostly useless tips that will not give him a single extra fps, guaranteed.

    Its ab out the engines code.
    Its about the fact that AMD CPUs / Mobo/ Ram/ etc interact soooo much slower together then Intel cpus do. No tune.up can fix internals…-.-.

    AMD users will never ever get a fluently running game with good gfx on.

    End of story. Face it and make sure to get an Intel next time :-)

  • Not sure if trolling or really that much stupid. ^
    I would accept that argument only concerning PhysX.

    What i could say on the thread subject is that i have the same CPU and a similar GPU , and the game runs at 90 fps on any average map with medium video settings, running on 1920*1200. So yes, there is a problem , probably most from the software side than hardware. Double check your drivers and if nothing is runing at the same time.

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