In-game record

  • As a competition oriented game, Chivalry needs a record functionnality allowing to watch interesting games in POV or spec cam.

    As a fun game, it will ease the way fragmovies/fun videos/epic clips could be made.

    It would be great if the record files stayed watchable even after game patching or steam update, unlike a lot of steam games.

    What do the devs think about this ?

    What do you think about this ?

  • I think it is very demand option to make fun frag movies, guides, etc.

  • Sounds like a great idea but I think it would be too much for the developers. Besides, the POV cam is very buggy atm.

  • It could have fun purposes too, but the main use of the record thing is easying the competitive life : transmission of important matches, cup management, training watching…

    But It needs a working spec view, indeed ! :?

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