Team Damage on Scoreboard

  • This may have been discussed but I think if team damage percentages were added in its own grid next to the players name, it would actively help players to watch their attacks and teach them not to be spammy or dive mad on 2 teammates attacking 1 person.

    It would be a positive type of public shame, because more players would be alert of a person’s team damage as well as the person himself/herself to think, “hey I’m doing something wrong here and need to improve my approach.”

    I wonder if anyone would be up for something like that.

  • Yes… Some sort of karma system that is not unlike the one used in Trouble in Terrorist Town. You start off with say 1000 karma, and it decreases if you wound or kill teammates.

  • Not sure how that would work though… because in TTT if your Karma goes down, so does the damage you do, they have set damages for weapons for balancing reasons already. So I’m sure in this game it would have to be something fairly different.

  • Another idea would be to add to the score board the damages given/received of the players, and the Team damage done/received in a separated square.

    Or just give this stats sheet in the console at the end of the round.

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