Holy Water Sprinkler improved in Patch?

  • So i’ve been struggling the last few days to adjust to the 1H weapon changes as an MAA, plus the fact that parry is fixed so you have to properly sidestep around people now to side slash them. So I started messing around with different weapons and went to test the Holy Water Sprinkler. My first impression is woah, I don’t recall the holy water sprinkler model being this big. If I recall correctly it was stubby and maybe 1 foot and half long (relatively speaking). Now it looks almost an extra foot in length long. Sure enough I started playing with it and I was blown away how effective it is a mid-range now. So my question to devs (and players) is was the holy water sprinkler improved although there is no mention in patch log? I never recalled it being that long before.

  • I tried it out in a few duels and it does seem like a powerful little “stick” of course though I never used it even once per-patch so I can’t know if it was buffed or not.

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