Teleporting (lag)?

  • So i have this weird bug that causes me to teleport a few feet away every now and again. The game freezes for a second and in that time my character is teleported some distance in the direction i was moving before the freeze occurred.

    The problem began with patch that delivered Content Update 1 and sadly is not fixed in the current patch.

    I highly doubt that it is a problem on my end, I have no such problems in any other online games I play and the bug was not present in earlier builds of the game. Also my rig is more than capable of handling this game, even on highest settings.

    I always play on servers that have decent ping (around 40-50). Any help would be appreciated.

  • Check your fps, maybe your overheating? Oh yeah lag spikes too, but I think you can usually run around during lag spikes. Even the best rig can fall to a poorly optimized game. It may be a issue with just your video card model. It may be a video card driver. It may be the game makers fault. It could be your rig isn’t as good as you think.

    If it is new, perhaps the new patch still needs smoothing out. Either way check your fps and tempature, I use a free program called coretemp.

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