Low CPU/GPU uitilisation

  • My CPU and GPU load do never seem to exceed 55%-60% no matter what I do.
    My FPS are ok most of the time (around 40-60) but it looks like there is much room for optimization.
    (Vsync is of course diabled)

    I am running the game on a AMD 7870 (latest beta drivers) and a AMD PHENOM II 965 @ 4 x 3.4 GHz.

    Can anyone confirm this?

    And it also looks like I can’t get more than 62fps no matter what I do.

  • To bump your max fps u need to go to ur udkengine.ini and change ur maxfpssmoothing to more than 62 if you want more.

  • Thanks that helped with the fps.

    But the GPU load didn’t change much with that maybe 3%-5% more load now.

  • So you’re complaining that the game isn’t maxing out your system?
    The game isn’t all that demanding. It’s the UT3 engine.

  • The game not maxing out my system isn’t the problem, the problem is when my fps drop below thirty sometimes on some maps with lots of players and half my GPU is doing nothing.

    And if there is room for optimization, it should be used.
    At least that’s what I think, this would also help users with a lower system spec ;)

  • Low FPS with high player counts would be a CPU issue, not a GPU one.

  • Strange… CPU load is never to high for me, the worst I get is 85% on the first core and 30%-65% on the other 3.

  • You can change your cpu usage, you can make it run at 100% all the time, I believe this makes your computer faster but shortens your cpu lifespan. I used to do it all the time, games load faster, browsers pop up faster, in game performance seemed better. Any who it is hot as hell in arizona and I started getting worried about my cpu life span so I stopped.

    Lets see in windows 7 you can go to hardware and sound. Click adjust power settings on the far left tabber. If you want you can create a new power plan like I did or change a existing one. You can always click reset to default in any plan. But I made a new one so I can change between them. To alter a plan, select what plan you wanna alter and click change power settings. You may need to clock show additional plans if you made a new one when you select what plan you want to alter. Click change advanced power settings. Change it manually under processor power management. Set the minimum processor rate at 100% or whatever you like. That will make your cpu run at 100% all the time ready to go. Set cooling to active, so your cpu fan is spinning without regard to saving money on your electric bill (passive is just to save power). A cooler rig increases performance. And of course make sure your max processor state is at 100%.

    See if your fps rises? By the way get coretemp a free temperature monitor program to make sure your not overheating with these changes, you shouldn’t at all, but yeah anyways its a nice thing to have running when tinkering.

    you can also click change settings that are currently unavailable and change pci express power savings( or agp, whatever kinda slot you use for your video card), turn it off for highest performance. It is just there to save power(electricity)

    No your maximum cpu potential will not increase but your computer will always be ready for a high load and I think your fps will rise if your cpu usage is holding you back.

    I changed mine in high performance and left balance alone so I can switch between the 2 when browsing or gaming. But I do not even change from balance anymore. But yeah your cpu is not at max use because it probably does not need anymore usage. I will edit this post in a sec.

    edit\p.s. I believe your monitor frequency if at 60 hz that might be limiting your fps, also you might have vsync enabled in your nvidia control panel. Movies use 30 FPS. Some argue you cannot see past 60 fps with the human eye. Many others argue you surely can notice a difference between 120 fps and 60 fps.

    interesting fps article
    http://www.cameratechnica.com/2011/11/2 … -perceive/

    Even more interesting discussion points out games do not solo rely on the eye, mouse speeds etc.

    http://www.techspot.com/community/topic … s-s.42643/

    SO yeah even if your limited with your monitor your mouse and keyboard will benefit from higher fps

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