Recommend Awesome Free (or Uber Cheap) Games

  • Since there’s some amazing free (or very cheap) games out there, let’s have a thread to recommend some here. List only FREE (or less than £10) games here please, and put a little bit about them if you can, and a link to download. Try and keep the structure similar too so it’s easy to read. :)

    • Warzone 2100 - (Real Time Strategy)
      Download: (Make sure you click the video option to include the cutscenes during installation)

      This one is a fantastic Total Annihilation / Age of Empires style RTS game, I remember playing it when I was a young-un, (it even came with a competition of which the prize was being carbon frozen upon your death!) It seems it then became abandonware / open source, and has been developed and fixed to work on modern systems. The game is actually pretty tough, throwing you into the deep-end quite a lot of the time with strong enemies, and usually a timer too. Also has a cool story.

      What I really like about this one is that along with the standard base building / unit generating stuff (inc unlimited resource generation like TA), is that you can customise your own units from a set of parts. This is only basic in that you can only really choose Armour, Propultion and Weapon, but you can make lots of different combos depending on what you want your units to do. Such as with my engineers I’d usually have them being light and quick to easily get around and build / repair stuff, however I’d also have a “Field Engineer” varient that has thicker armour and was slightly slower, to send out building firebases and sensor towers. I love customisability like this in games.

      The other REALLY cool feature I love in the campaign is that besides a couple of points in the story where you move major areas, your progress isn’t reset after each mission, instead you build upon it! The map simply opens up to a larger area after each mission, and your exact base you built is still all there. Not many games do this, and I love my previous efforts not being wasted. There are a lot of “away” missions to other areas too where you send a combat team off in a transport, and then ship more units in from your main base to help, all built from the factories you’ve created.

    • Alien Swarm - (Top-Down Co-Op Shooter)
      Download: (Requires Source Engine Game)

      Old game I used to play with Georges and co. However it is FREE (if you have a game installed which gives you the Source SDK license), and is fantastic. Top-down co-op shooter, blast bugs, have fun.
      Not many people play it nowadays but I’ve just started having a crack at it again now and then for a bit of fun. Short campaign but good re-playability still. Get it downloaded, be nice to see a few people playing this again. :)

    • Perspective - (First Person Puzzler)

      Clever student game, made as a final project for DigiPen university graduates, (same place as where the students who made Portal studied). Short-ish and can be beaten in a day but there’s quite a few levels and it plays really well. The puzzles are quite intricate.

      Everything is all based around your “perspective”, as in what directions you’re looking at the time, and how close you are. I thought it was pretty clever, and good fun solving the levels. The ending made me shit bricks too. (Spoiler, right at the very end, your only option is to Quit the game from the menu, and then you see it…).

    • Void - (First Person Puzzler)

      Another clever student game from DigiPen. Really short, only half an hour long but it is another final project for them, and I believe they’re looking at developing it into a full game later.

      This game uses a mechanic where you set down a “time rift”, where you see / interract with an area how it was in the past, to solve puzzles. Doing something in the past affects the present etc. A way that’s blocked in the future may have been open in the past, so on. Again very clever mechanics, and although short, was fun solving the puzzles. The time mechanic is pretty cool.

  • Chivalry. It’s $25. GO BUY IT.

  • @b3h47pte:

    Chivalry. It’s $25. GO BUY IT.

    Banned for trolling.

  • Club Penguin - (MMORPG)

    Waddle around and meet new friends!

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  • Fuck this dungeon! My record is exactly 200 kills.

  • @Matti:

    Club Penguin - (MMORPG)

    Waddle around and meet new friends!


    Is Neopets still free? XD

    And Second Life… Meet people and… non people.


    Takes a bit of searching but there is lots of indie gold in there^


    Club Penguin - (MMORPG)

    Waddle around and meet new friends!

    :D Didn’t Club Penguin undergo some massive government takeover from Disney, making you pay to do pretty much anything?

    And I am pretty sure I had a discussion with someone yesterday at work who said Neopets is also pretty much unplayable with out some moolah.

  • Links to game sites are kinda ok, but I doubt most people would be bothered to sort through them hehe.

    Specific ones are good though if you give a bit of info about what they are and why they’re fun (No need to write essays like mine). Just thought it would be cool to show eachother specific fun, free games that we come across and enjoyed. :)

    Warzone is deff a good old classic though and worth downloading. Forgot to mention that units also gain experience with kills that boosts their stats, so keeping experienced units alive is part of it. You can also recycle them so the experience transfers to the next unit made.

    There’s some great older games that have become abandonware and are now freely available.

  • @Kimiko:

    And Second Life… Meet people and… asl? ASL? WHAT IS YOUR ASL? TELL ME

  • @BobT36:

    Be specific boy!

    How about Skulltag?
    Its no longer in development but if you have some friends who appreciate a fraggin good time then grab this free doom and doom II port and get to killing!

    There is a good deal of wads for this thing including some really neat stand alone games like these.

    Megaman FPS -

    (almost related)3D/2D Sonic platformer -

    If you trust filesmelt, here is a download to all the preconfigured files plus a few extra wads so that you can hopefully just unzip and play rather then spending hours figuring what files go where (not that all of you would have any trouble with that, I’m just saying I did)

    I forgot to add some instructions to the pack so I am just going to post it here rather then re-upload everything.

  • Happy Wheels

  • Added Alien Swarm to the list. :)

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