Archer class buff / nerf

  • A little thread about certain points I wish to inform that I feel is either weak and needs buff, or retarded parts that needs a clearly nerf.

    Archery has a very unique balance triangle that is based of the three main archer weapon, such as the; Bow, Crossbow and Javelin.

    I’m speaking out of personal experience, where I believe either one of this Archery weapon class has most advantage or disadvantage.

    Bows are the archer weapon that holds most advantage in fights versus other Archers Or Melee classes in mid-range due to the decent overall damage, high rate of fire and the mobility. Can be used to take out targets afar, but requires high precision and skill. Very good for shotgunning when accompanied with the rest of the team.

    Crossbow are one of the type weapon I would refer as the “Medieval sniper”. It doesn’t have the same rate of fire as the Bow, but it has a very high stopping power and high accuracy, making it ideal for taking out heavily armoured targets and targets from afar. Very good for long-distance shooting, can use its accuracy to have a higher chance of hitting targets in mid to close distance. despite its power, it does however have a weakness, which is its lack of mobility and slow-reload speed.

    Javelins are the only hybrid weapon in Chivalry, that can use both Ranged & Melee. This weapons best position on the battlefield would be in close quarter. I would say that the Javelin can be sort of an Anti-archer class due to the fact that Two of the Javelins can one-shot archers from bodyshot, and it also carries a buckler shield that allows protection from ranged attacks infront, also grants some survival ability against other melee classes. Despite its power in close combat, it may prove to be terrible at mid or long distance, also have a very low ammunition count.

    Each one of these weapon type has their own positions in the battlefield, which is good. but I would like to point out one thing with the Bows that make their mobility maybe a bit too high, during the time the bow user would pull the bowstring or have it pulled, they have the ability to perfom jumps, which can sometimes lead to a missed shot by an different Bow, crossbow, Javelin or perhaps leading to that the shot lands on their feet, thus barely dealing any damage. Please take away their jumping ability during those actions.

    Crossbow seems to be fairly fine, other that the Normal crossbow should not have the ability to one-hit Knight at headshot, I thought it was only meant for the heavy crossbow to have that ability.

    Give Bow an alternative firing methode that would either allow them to do a quick fire, or pulling the string further for more damage and further distance.

    Javelins melee; and aswell every weapon that is locked into a buckler shield should have its Shield attack buffed so its faster, otherwise I see no use for it actually. It could be made as a “bitchslap” move for now to flinch enemies. Give javelineer melee an ability to combo.

    There used to be an Fire Arrow type for the bows in the early alpha stage, though it has been removed due to the fact that I assume there has been no ideas towards to how the Fire Arrow were suppose to compete against Broadhead arrows or Bodkin arrows, as they honestly still have an issue to properly balance broadheads vs bodkin. please post your ideas about what should be done with either two of the arrows, or three ( Including fire arrow )

  • I agree with your post. I think its a fair analysis of the archer class.
    I think Crossbows and Bows dont need any nerf or buff.
    Javelins could use a small buff though. A bit more ammo I think, plus smaller recovery time.
    Also that buckler is almost useless imo. I cant use that shield at all. To be fair I only played 1 day with jav. Last thing about javs : when you want to switch to your secondary, your only option is to press 2, but that leaves you with the buckler. And then you have to press 3 to be without it. You should be able to just press 3 from the start to go secondary without the buckler. I know its not a point about balance but I just had to say it.

    Finally fire arrows would be awesome. I’d love to see them but it would be tough to not make the op, or at least the better choice for archers. Maybe they would have low ammo, do less impact damage and then act like an oilpot, gradually damaging the player. And maybe they wouldnt work on Darkforest coz of rain :P

    Now for some of your points. Does the normal crossbow really have the ability to one shot a knight?
    If yes, then it shouldn’t have it indeed.
    And about the alt firing methode for bows, I think it would make having 3 bows useless. The point of having 3 bows is their different firing methods and dmg. Giving them the ability to do what you say would be bad.

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