Low FPS and Low CPU usage

  • I’m getting 15-20 FPS even with all low/false
    Stat unit command shows higher numbers on game (60-70ms) and i checked Chivalry isn’t using more than 12% CPU
    What i can do?

    4 GB RAM
    Intel Quad 2 Core Q9300 2,5GHz
    Radeon HD 4800

  • CPU’s weak.
    GPU’s weak.

    And I’m assuming you used Windows Task manager to see how much of your CPU that Chivalry was using, and you alt-tabbed out, making chivalry use less resources considering that it is just minimized. That may be why CPU usage is only 12%.

  • Where’s the part with suggestion? It’s above required so it should run even if on low

  • Suggestions:

    1: Upgrade.
    2: Heavy graphical tweaks.
    3: Looking at the other 2,000 topics about Technical Support to get answers to questions that have been long since answered.

  • 1 Can’t upgrade right now;
    2 Which ones can make noticiable changes?
    3 Hard to find 1 that is really solved.

  • Go to My Documents/Chivalry Medieval Warfare/UDKGame/Config and open up UDKEngine.ini and look for the [XAudio2.XAudio2Device] section. I remmber changing MinCompressedDurationGame would help if your game ms is particularly high. Try setting it higher first…I think that was the fix though it’s been awhile. If that doesn’t work, set it lower.

  • Did that, changed to dx81 and the bsmoothframerate, got better with bots but can’t join a server to test all i try just keep loading. All suggestions are welcome thanks

    EDIT Tested and was better, but still have some kind of CPU problem i think
    Stat Unit
    GPU Good
    Draw Good
    Frame Bad
    Game Bad
    FPS Medium-Bad

  • Today was better and i was in a high ping server, anyway somebody know any tips for better cpu performance?

  • What did you set MinCompressedDurationGame to to get an FPS increase?

  • I dont know if only that or if that changed the fps but i changed to 3

  • Maybe try increasing it even further. The game will start using more memory but it should take more load off of your CPU.

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