Some sort of hack or bug

  • In stonehill last team standing, as usual. I am a vanguard armed with Spear, dane axe and knives.

    A knight with mace and shield comes in and saw me have my knives ready.

    He put his shield up, blocking my knives and avoid ones that aimed at his knee. He backed up in the corner and I was keeping my distance. While he is like 10 meter away from me, he swing and I get hit.

    I quickly look around and I don’t really see archer(they all killed by my teammate) and he is the only enemy around me.

    He swing few more times far away and eventually killed me.

    So I typed “WTF?”

    And he respond in “Dammit lag” while his ping is decent and I see no lag blinking around. He leave the game afterward.

    What do you think? Lag, bug or hack?

    It just come in so suddenly that I don’t have video record, sorry for bad English

  • A similar thing happened to me once. I was up against this archer who had also walked backwards into a wall. While I was fighting him. I went for my throwing axes of which I only had one an through it at him. It clearly hit him and played a fling anitmation but he didn’t take damage. Then I start taking damage from a dagger, no one was near me. I swing the air and suddenly the archer backed up against the wall teleports towards me and dies.

    I think its a lag. You can get lag spikes. He had normal ping too as did I. I didn’t question it in game and he played a pretty much normal game for an archer in FFA arena.

    I also saw a video of something similar happen. Though that was obvious lag.

  • Sounds like a lagspyke to me. Happens from time to time but it’s not often that you die during it because as I understand it, everyone on the server experiences the same thing.
    This happens alot on the official servers cough cough



  • Ah, though it was somekind of long distance slash hack.

  • Anything related lag will always be vague. Not much you can do about it.

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