Swing/Pierce Damage?

  • Hi!

    Check this wiki out: http://chivalry.wikia.com/wiki/Knight

    It says that Knights have a higher swing than pierce damage resistance. But what exactly counts as swing and what counts as pierce?

    There are three attacks in this game:
    1. Horizontal swing.
    2. Overhead swing.
    3. Reach swing.

    If my guess is correct, it’s most effective to use a mace and only use the reach attack against a knight?

  • Swing is “cut” damage. Anything where you can imagine some kind of cleaving or slicing action would be labeled swing. Pierce is for stabs. If you’re hitting somebody with the pointy end of anything, it’s pierce.

    https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc … TZnc#gid=1

    This has an in-depth outline of every attack in the game, and how much damage of what type it inflicts.

  • Okay thanks. :) so in short, pierce against knights and vanguard and swing against archers and MAA

  • Use the color codes of that document to choose weapons since they indicate hits to kill. And some weapons have an attack pattern that makes headshots really easy (flanged mace) but that’s something you learn with experience.

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