A simple jav fix.

  • I’ve logged 175 hours as a Javelineer and I’m posting my idea a simple one.

    Jav as weapons are fine all three of their uses and are decent if used correctly.

    The problem with javs is the fact that it needs to be at a closeish distance and since the archer has such terrible hp and the buckler is annoying to block stuff with a lot of the time you get killed fast.

    My idea is a simple one have the javelin short spear and heavy jav confer a 10% 5% and 15% swing resistance and a equal amount in points taken away from move speed.

    I can’t count how many times i’ve been killed by a single lucky strike from full health after nearly killing my foes. It doesn’t even hit my head i’ve been killed by an overhead from a vanguard that hit my feet! after he turned it in to me.

  • I think fragility is a defining trait of the archer, this feels like a bad fix because people would expect to be able to oneshot you with some weapons and giving javelineers more HP is arbitrary unless you give them a new model.

    I think instead they should try and lower the period where you can’t block after a throw or at least make a “reload” animation to indicate that you are vulnerable.

    I’ve been playing javelin a lot and while they are obviously inferior to warbow/heavy crossbow archers the way I made their ranged component work is either sprinting all the time or to make sure there is a physical obstacle protecting me (either an ally or a terrain piece) so the enemy is close but takes long to get to me.

    Another change I’d like to see is stamina drain for using the bow and holding an arrow pulled (more stamina drain for heavier bows) so that archers get a melee penalty being low on stam when someone attacks them. As it is now javelineers have a huge melee penalty being defenseless for like 2 seconds while archers are only defenseless ½ second.

  • In wouldn’t be an hp buff it would be a defence buff I fully support them getting a slightly more beefy model when using a jav. Stam is a big issue for javs too with the buckler it feels like 3 block and your dead no matter what.

    Throwing the jav is usable but it is a potent melee weapons I’ve 1 hit a maa with the pilum stab in the back and vanguards with pilum stab to the back and then bash.
    The blocking after reloading would be a nice boon but I really don’t think it will help with the stamina drain on the buckler being so high.

    Do you think getting 1 shot in the feet is fair for any class? I’m okay getting one shot in the head with most weapons same with in the chest but when I dodge a bardiche by moving to the left and they slide it in to my feet and I die it pisses me off same with maul/zwei/claymore. hell turning with those weapons shouldn’t do any damage especially the maul.

    On another note how come a pilum to the head of a knight doesn’t one hit kill them? I’ve sprint thrown a pilum in to a knights head only to have them keep running towards me.

  • I’ve played with the jav the last couple days and indeed something needs fixed.
    But a health buff, or resistance or whatever you want to call it, would be a bad fix.
    One solution would be for archers to be able to use the kite shield.
    Or simply fix the awful buckler. Plus recovery from throwing a jav should be faster.
    It takes too long to be able to block after a throw.
    Finally,as I said in another thread, there should be an option(pressing 3 ie) to change to secondary without shield. The javelin is pretty restricting for melee, Id loe to be able to change to my secondary quickly.

  • you can use your secondary with out a shield hit 2 then 3 poof shield gone

    when they get in close throwing shouldn’t be on your mind, stabbing,bashing and punching(mouse down) should be.

  • @Sapreaver:

    you can use your secondary with out a shield hit 2 then 3 poof shield gone

    when they get in close throwing shouldn’t be on your mind, stabbing,bashing and punching(mouse down) should be.

    Yeah, point is it takes to long to switch 2 times.
    There should be an option to press 3 from the beginning. Switching twice cost valuable seconds.

    Also there are times where you throw a jav and notice someone flanking you. But you cant block for about 2 seconds, so gg :P

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