Rank system revisited

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    I want this to be visible ingame.
    I want rank system to be split according to weapon types because it is clearly possible. When I play a javelineer, I don’t want to have this accusing “40” in my Rank field.

  • Your skills will never be perfectly reflective of rank anyways. Why does it matter what your number says? I have a grand time fiddling around as a rank 32 playing poorly with the heavy flail. If your rank is that important to you, then just stick to your key loadouts.

  • If the time comes when there are more servers with more rank restrictions, I would be very happy if I could practice with similarly skilled people. Yesterday I tried to acquire some maul experience but I could not find any server that was not plagued with ranks 30+ that passed through me as if I was air. Moreover people tend to be fairly judgemental when they see a rank 40 with K/D ration 0,1 :D

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