Weapons, DLC's, Ranking, etc…

  • Weapons


    ! -New arrows
    ! °With poison/Damage 55% More poison (120 kills to unlock)
    ! °With smoke/Damage common, when touch in the floor or in the body realese the smoke (130 kills to unlock)
    ! °With gunpowder/Damage 60% More explosion (150 kills to unlock)

    Special for:

    ! Knight:
    ! -Shuriken ( Ammo: 3 )
    ! -2 swords wielded ( Example the sword Falchion)
    ! Man-at-arms:
    ! -Shuriken ( Ammo: 3 )


    ! =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=–=-=-=-=-=-=–=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
    ! Ranking:
    ! it’s a great idea for a good game you can do a official rank expample
    ! 1-ImortalyPlays
    ! 2-Remixx
    ! 3-Kimiko
    ! 4-TheBest
    ! 5-IronMan
    ! =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
    ! When the shield is very attacked, it is destroyed but needs at least 10-15 hits to destroy it
    ! =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

    This topic is going to update

  • So, an Archer can just ride around on a horse picking off those unfortunate people which haven’t got the DLC?

  • No, sorry but this is a terrible idea.

    Non-DLC’s give users a sense that the developers don’t really think of them much and only provide benefits for the DLC people. It also gives people another reason to hate each other.

    “omg dlc noob, stop using that horse” etc. etc.

    I’m assuming that you’ve adopted this from Battlefield 3 Premium?
    And I’m also assuming that you adopted zombies from Call of Duty?

  • No to everything. And new things should be for everyone! In multiplayer only games, there should never be DLC’s for just those who pay. If a DLC is released, everyone gets to play it. Other than that, I am all for new weapons and stuff. But not shurikens, or the ability to dual wield. And no zombie mode, please. I am a big zombie fan, but do we need zombie modes for all games? I’d prefer if we’d have that Peasant Rebellion mode instead, fighting off “hordes” of angry peasants.

  • All right Zombies is not a good idea and DLC’s 2

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