Game replays, autosave last match

  • Ok well in starcraft 2 it auto saves your last match. You can replay it or save it permanently. This would be a awesome addition to chivalry as long as it does not add lag or drop fps. You could make it optional.

    The reason, among the amazing ability to watch pure ownage. If you suspect you saw hacking in the last match you can go back and look at it. Then submit it as needed. :D

    Then of course they could make a guideline sticky on submitting hack reports, like user must say between what time to watch for hack behavior and suck. Like between 10:36 and 11:56.

    idk I hate hacks good day, if its to much trouble oh well :(

  • Replays would be an amazing addition! The community videos and frag movies would be coming in masses!

  • I would love to see this (for competitive reasons to stop cheaters, mainly) but I’m fairly sure TBS said they won’t be doing it.

  • I like this idea, It would help in those times you wish you had been recording when something epic happens.

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