Problem level 0

  • Hello, I have a small problem on my server 42 slots when it is full, most of the time everyone found at level 0:

    Just make a few kills to return to normal, but sometimes this bug lasts throughout the game!

    And when this bug happens, kills are not counted so you do not unlock weapons and we do not level-up!

    Is there a thing set in a configuration file?

    Last question, FFA mode there are always two teams, I only see it on my server, I do not know why ….

    Here, if someone can help me it would be very nice!

    (And sorry for my laguage I use google trad)

  • Its a glitch involved with steam, I believe. The only thing you can do is wait it out or leave the server or game and come back in.

  • We’ve found a restart of the map can fix this sometimes.

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