Serverlist and Sorting (video)

  • Sup devs, I got mad props for everything you guys have done so far.
    But if you could do us a solid and address this in the next patch,
    that would be greeeeeeeaaaat.

    Keep up the superb work.

  • Sorry, but what am I supposed to do with that link, exactly?

    Is the excerpt “-Fixed server browser issues introduced in Patch 1.” supposed to address my concern? Or am I expected to dig through 12 pages of posts to find some relevant mention to what I am bringing up?

    Curtness is not always the best approach to answering a question, even if it’s a frequently asked question.
    I have seen no other post regarding the sorting bug, at least not specifically, so it was reason enough for me to bring attention to it in this thread. This is what I assume the purpose of this subforum is, is it not?
    I’d appreciate an actual response accompanying a redirection link in the future, that I may know what the point of said redirect is.

  • He means it will be fixed in the next patch.

  • @Eleshar_Vermillion:

    He means it will be fixed in the next patch.


    I try to reply to everything on here that bears responding to, which for efficiency purposes means responding as quickly as possible.

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