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  • So, currently we (RK and lots of other clans) are participating in the IO tournament, when we had our first game against TPL i found out it were to be streamed, I forwarded the stream link to a couple of my RL friends so that they could watch and be moral support to me. However, the day after they gave me some feedback about the game, they thought it was incredibly boring to watch since they had no clue of what was going on, they gave me a couple of suggestions on how to improve the spectator view in order to make it more enjoyable for the viewers.

    For example, if anyone is familar with the spectator UI that Heroes of Newerth or League of Legends are using, it would be a lot more intresting to watch since viewers can see how both teams are doing and progressing by just looking at the right/left side or at the bottom of the monitor.

    Lets say that it’s a 5v5 TO game, both teams should be displayed in 5 individual icons at both left/right side of the screen, the icons should present what class the players have chosen, how much health they currently have, how much stamina they’re on or have used and which weapons the players have chosen. In the bottom of the screen the objective could be displayed, for example how far the cart have moved or how many peasants have been slain etc. I think maybe that the time of the game should be displayed in the top aswell so that the viewers of a stream doesn’t have to wait for the streamer to tab everytime. A fun thing to add aswell would maybe be ingame announcer that would give a shoutout whenever someone gets a double kill, maybe when a player kills someone while he’s at low health or whatever.

    Here is a couple of example pictures if anyone isnt sure about what I’m suggestion right here as spectator UI: … /Minut.png … ctator.jpg

    What do you guys think of my suggestions? Please leave comments below, give me your thoughts and opinions.

  • This would be very nice indeed and make up a bit for the lack of proper first-person views.

  • That would be very helpful, I like it.

  • Definitely think that this would be an awesome addition to the game. The comp. scene is starting to grow and updating the Spectator UI to what DUbjay suggested, or something very similar, would help the game out, as people would enjoy watching the game, and in turn might encourage them to buy it.

    Something that could be beneficial to everyone, especially the creators as they will only gain more players from doing this.

  • This.


    • acceleration of the spectator cam by pressing shift (that Nabster implemented in Chiv+ already)
    • fix first person spectating (y-axis movement, weapon models correctly displayed)

  • Excellent idea. If people watch competitive play, and like watching, they’d probably be a lot more likely to try chiv out.

  • Sounds good but i would like them to invest their resources into the more important stuff first

  • This would be better servers as a server plug in or in the case of UDK, a mutator that would offer stat information of players into a visual display. I think one of the problems with Chiv is the lack of Plugin/Mutator support.

  • Natural Selection 2’s spectator is also incredible. Definitely something TB need to look into.

  • this would be really nice, SOMETHING like it, however i think the dota or league of legends look and how much is on the screen is kind of distracting and takes up too much screen space for chivalry. I think that removing EVERYTING on that UI, but just having in the bottom right and left corners a Small player icon that shows the class, like a little knight icon or maa icon etc, and next to that their weapon loadout in similar sized icons, and then their kdr… and it would just update and the icons would switch places like the scoreboard. The objective time could be either top mid or bottom mid. I’d like to keep everything to where it takes up as little screen space as possible so viewers can see the most action, but also be able to look at things when they want to without being too distracting.

    I also like nabsters spectator sprint to get where you need to faster. It would also be nice to be able to SLOW the camera down too for smooth panning in group fights… like walk speed.

    It’d also be nice to be able to look at a player, and when you click you go to that players view… this would help in casting when you want to get somewhere even more quickly and focus on an individual player or get to that area quickly without going to a random character and having to cycle through, sometimes being a guy on the wrong team. You could always choose a player to view to get to the action, and then free camera out of that player view easily this way to get the camera where you need it fast.

    Spectator mode should also have some kind of no clipping through objects like trees for example so it doesnt shoot the camera up in the sky or you don’t get stuck on the terrain. In fact, darkforest is hard to cast usually because of the trees, would be a nice option to be able to remove trees with a button press or something and add them back as necessary (might be asking too much here lol)

    Also, The y axis would be nice for 1st person. For 3rd person spectating, i would liek to be able to adjust the distance in how far away the 3rd person camera is, so that you could follow a single player, but also see MORE around the player too, like if you wanted to follow people running with their team or in a group fight situation and have a controlled camera.

    Those changes would be great for casting at least i think.

  • i would liek to be able to adjust the distance in how far away the 3rd person camera is

    Scroll already does this, down scroll to move farther back and up scroll to zoom in.

  • :-0

    well the other stuff then

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