Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad

  • Are there any players out there?

    A good few of us in TPL have started playing it on the side, such an intensely difficult game but very enjoyable and hyper-realistic. MUCH GORE TO BE HAD!

  • I actually came here from the RO scene. Been playing Red Orchestra since it was a mod on Unreal Tournament 2004.

    Honestly, I was pretty frustrated with how TW was managing their game for the last year or so, and since Christmas when I got my GTX 660 Ti Twin Frozr III I have been experiencing some critical system crashes after a couple of minutes of playing, which has recently been noticed as an issue between the game and 600 series Nvidia cards.

    But they are now aware of that issue and working on it, they’ve also released a few more maps for the game, a bunch more are going to be released in the near future and the Rising Storm mod/expansion will be coming shortly after that.

    They just had a free weekend and humble bundle deal this past weekend and the player counts for the game when from 500 or so players up to almost 10,000 players…… it has since steadied between 6-8,000 players so far… so it seems as though they just saved their arse and the game this past weekend.

    As soon as they get that fix for my video card out, I’ll be playing more often.

    Latest Trailer Regarding the Map Pack, etc.:

  • One of our players luckeR is having the same problem, blue screens of death and system crashes. I hope they resolve the problem soon! :)

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