Down to 30 fps but CPU/GPU not on full charge

  • Hi here !

    I run the game in low quality, the V synch is deactivated , i de-caped the 60fps limit in the config to 90 fps. Everything is cool on duel and high fps maps.

    The problem is that on maps such as battlegrounds with 32 players , the fps are dropping constantly to 30-40 BUT when i’m looking at the charge , the CPU isnt going over 50% and the GPU is not really pushed over 70%

    My question is to know if it’s normal , and how could i do to push the hardware to his limit to get a constant at least 60 fps on every map ?

    Could it be from the audio integrated chipset ?

  • I would also like a answer to this dilemma. I’ve noticed similar problems with my computer, the CPU not working on full power.

  • Get rid of your AMD cpu…

  • That’s really clever, except that mine’s Intel.

  • After some research, it may come from some bottlenecks , probably from the bridges , chipsets or whatever, even from the transfer between the hard drive. Not quite sure , but it could be an answer.

  • What processor is it? Try going to My Documents\ My Games\Chivalry Medieval warfare\UDKGame and modifying UDKEngine.ini and go to the XAudio section and set MinCompressedGameDuration to be higher.

  • @b3h47pte:


    That’s what my setting is called, at least

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