List of bugs

  • Hello, guys! I have a weak machine so i play with full low graphic settins ony on duel servers.
    Sorry for my english, i hope you understand my list.

    Here some bugs, what i found:

    • Dead vanguard has all joints broken
    • 1st person hands model has air gap with FOV>100
    • AFK players in duel mode automaticaly joins the pool after 10 secs
    • Going from first to next duel brokes a chat
    • It is not bug i think, but can you make a character moovable then holding TAB?
    • Jumping on an enemy make characters stacked for a while
    • With all low graphic settings i see only peasants hats on arena
    • Same issue with non-active weapons. I can`t see secondary of a char when he use primary weapon
    • Animation bug: when you hit winding up enemy, his attack stops, but animation not
    • Char voice replics stops when jumping from bridge to bridge on Cistern
    • If I smash chopped off head, explode shows in neck area
    • Spec mod issue: sometimes chars hold shield wrong (reverse side)
    • Issue fith FPS: i have stable 62fps on all duel maps, except the Tower
    • Sometimes when observing, FOV gets default value.
    • When I hitting the dead bodies, sound plays only for me
    • Bardiche animation ends before tracers make damage
    • Sometimes wheeze plays after death of char

    Finaly, a little suggestion: maybe when player write in a chat small cloud should apear above his head?

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