List of bugs

  • Hello, guys! I have a weak machine so i play with full low graphic settins ony on duel servers.
    Sorry for my english, i hope you understand my list.

    Here some bugs, what i found:

    • Dead vanguard has all joints broken
    • 1st person hands model has air gap with FOV>100
    • AFK players in duel mode automaticaly joins the pool after 10 secs
    • Going from first to next duel brokes a chat
    • It is not bug i think, but can you make a character moovable then holding TAB?
    • Jumping on an enemy make characters stacked for a while
    • With all low graphic settings i see only peasants hats on arena
    • Same issue with non-active weapons. I can`t see secondary of a char when he use primary weapon
    • Animation bug: when you hit winding up enemy, his attack stops, but animation not
    • Char voice replics stops when jumping from bridge to bridge on Cistern
    • If I smash chopped off head, explode shows in neck area
    • Spec mod issue: sometimes chars hold shield wrong (reverse side)
    • Issue fith FPS: i have stable 62fps on all duel maps, except the Tower
    • Sometimes when observing, FOV gets default value.
    • When I hitting the dead bodies, sound plays only for me
    • Bardiche animation ends before tracers make damage
    • Sometimes wheeze plays after death of char

    Finaly, a little suggestion: maybe when player write in a chat small cloud should apear above his head?

  • @sexov:

    Finaly, a little suggestion: maybe when player write in a chat small cloud should apear above his head?

    This should be it’s on thread

  • I think devs don’t read my post so i found this sutuation humiliating.

  • Fix this god damn server browser, I refresh it 2x and it keeps disconnecting me from internet, while refreshing servers, the server list is flashing, nic bug. and slows down entire internet, and as I said it keeps disconnecting me after the 2nd time I refresh servers. Maybe rent some ppl who can do a normal server browser in 2013 A.D. dear developer team this sucks very sucks. Stupidest lowest cheapest server browser what I have seen in my life! You dont have master server or what? How these servers are working? Kinda annoying now since the game was released the same problem with server browser. This problem needs 5 years to finally fix it? Simply delete this server browser what You have in game and do a normal one … Its 2013 developers! Rent a professional who can do a working server browser.

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