Movement and swinging

  • Right now, the current system allows you to start a swing and then perform an almost full turn while the swing is active. This leads to problematic strategies being developed (and appareantly not reported), so I wanted to make this thread.

    Charging past an enemy while a swing has already started, just to hit them in the back is one of the examples, where the player makes a 180 degrees turn to confuse the enemy.
    Another one would be to run away from a following player, start an attack and then turn around and land it with minimal reaction time. Works well with stabbing attacks since they are less visible.

    I do not know if lowering the turning speed would have the undesired effect of people being able to sidestep your attacks even more, but I think this could lead to some issues.
    Last but not least, if you get struck by an attack while you are standing at the starting point of the animation (where the sword starts to move into the swing), you still take full damage appareantly. There is no gradual damage increase from the start of swing to its highpoint as far as I saw.

    Do other people see this development in “cheap” tactics that are unatmospheric and exploitive or are other people okay with that and I am just bitching about nothing? These tactics have been in use in the previous game we all know about and it was pretty excessive there.

  • Age of Chivalry didn’t restrict your ability to do 360 degree swings at all, so you could perform them with complete accuracy every time. In Chivalry it’s only very slightly possible to do a 180 swing; but because of the significant increase in time it takes you to turn while swinging, the enemy could’ve moved a significant distance in that time, anticipating your slow attack, and you could miss entirely and end up very vulnerable not knowing what action the enemy is performing due to having your back to him. I really haven’t seen this being used effectively yet. If it becomes a real problem something will be done - but for now, making the slowdown on swings more restrictive would just make combat too sluggish.

  • I don’t see how the run away>initiate attack>180 back to enemy “tactic” is possible. I’m pretty sure sharp turns while running bring you to a stand still in this game, unlike AoC.

  • Thanks for the reply. I do want to test it again after work, but I remember the charging attack of the Vanguard being able to turn really quickly once it is initiated. Although please do not hold me to that, I will test it later today to see if I can reproduce the action that was used against me.
    The running past and striking someone in the back is rather easy though, because 2 handed weapons can do damage appareantly on any point of the swing and seem to do full damage. I was standing next to a 2 handed sword that was about to start its swing (it was already pulled back and starting the damage-swing) and it hit me dead on, even though it barely moved.

  • The arc on the greatsword’s sprint attack is enormous. He will hit you if you’re behind him and to the side while the attack is starting or ending. He doesn’t even have to turn his screen. You’d have to be directly behind him for it to not hit. This is probably what you experienced.

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