[SOLVED] Game won't launch

  • Chivalry will not launch, it starts up with the torn banner studios screen and then crashes, no errors show either. I have a 64 bit OS, Windows 7, i also have Constant Guard Protection Suite (from what i hear this makes a difference) and i’ve tried to find the fix online before posting this, but my folder layout is different than what others have. Even after running those two vcredist installers, and the Direct X setup after finding what folders they were in, and then even taking an extra step by launching UDK.exe directly, the same exact thing happens. Am i doing something wrong? I contacted steam support but the last time i did it took them a week to reply so…

  • Here is the launch log

  • Ehhhh i feel rather stupid, but Constant Guard was blocking it for whatever reason, allowed it and it works now.

    Sorry for posting, probably should have looked harder for a solution :)

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