Face hugging thrusts going through shield

  • anyone else have this happen to them alot?

  • Its real easy to hit around a shield, they really are only good for archers and thats it…but even a good archer will make you feel as if your are holding paper.

  • If you stand directly in front of a player with his shield up and lean down, your hand will clip through his shield. Thrusting from this position ignores the shield since it’s behind your weapon already. I don’t see how they could possibly fix this without adding collision physics, which I doubt will ever happen.

    They can also drag the thrust around your shield, or they could stab you at a more extreme angle than you can observe due to latency.

  • well there is a bug right now where they can stab the bottom right corner of your shield and it goes through. I saw a video on it, its from bottom right from the attackers perspective.

  • I find that I can always stab through javelineer’s shields. Every single time.

  • Thrusts going through shields are pretty stupid, I hope the devs realize this too. I suggest adding a colision box on all the weapons.

  • Yeah, this happens. I find it as broken as the old falchion/dane axe facehugging lmb spam. It seems worse with two handed sword stabs but can happen with the broadsword too.

    However I also wonder what it looks like on the stabbers screen. When I come up against shield users, I get around their right side and use an alt slash or alt overhead and that often gets around the shield. To me I can see that the head of the weapon is going around and above the shield but I often get players asking me how I did that or just accuse me of hacking. Obviously on their screen it looks like it’s going through their shield and on my screen I can clearly see it going around the shield.

  • I use shields as MAA a lot particularly in FFA and Duels. My shield arm gets a huge workout.

    Shields are extremely useful. There are a couple of instances where a hit will go through a shield due to bugs or whatever. The solution is to accept that it happens and adjust your play accordingly.

    When someone gets all up in your face and is going for a stab, crouch when you block and look up a little. You’ll be sweet.

    If it is a spear/polearm user, then you just have to kick them if they get close or just not let them get close. Crouching and blocking doesn’t seem to help that much, they are slow weapons though so you should be right with a bit of practice.

  • Face hugging is a known to cause all kinds of issues with going through parries and blocks. The dev’s are aware, and i imagine its being looked at. Think I read somewhere that they were running up idea’s in the next patch to fix the problem.

  • I got accused of exploiting this once, when I really believe I was not. When you’re close to someone it’s very, very easy to just take one or two steps to the right or left and attack an exposed portion, especially if your opponent is playing FPS. The kite shield is easier to get around, but if the shield user is playing FPS the tower shield is generally easy to beat as well because the shield user can’t see you very well at all and you’re free to move without the shield user really knowing what’s going on (going to the shield user’s left/your right- they usually can’t see anything at all).

    On another note there are times I stab into the center of a shield from a distance (trying to wear down stamina in a tight spot) and see a hit. Sometimes I wonder if it’s latency related, but it’s not only facehugging. This happens a lot less now than it used to, but I don’t know if it’s patch related or people just stopped using shields.

    Generally I find if someone is face hugging me and I am backing up and making sure to aim at their attacks much like with a parry it still works out when I use a shield. I still prefer not to, as I prefer FPS and have a hard time seeing/can’t parry combo with a shield.

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