Which game do you Rage at most?

  • I’d have to say probably Left 4 Dead or indeed the lovely game Chivalry and it’s arch rival War of the Roses ;_; Possibly even Mirror’s Edge because of THE DAMN COMBO BREAKS D:

    I’d say Left 4 Dead simply because everyone on your team happens to hug walls and love dying and i’d also say Chivalry because… It’s chivalry! Y U NO DIE KNIGHTS, Y U ALWAYS KILL ME!

    Example -.-’
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mqRbvFzOFX0 => Chivalry (Why I rage)

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KQy6VmvyLWI => Mirror’s Edge

    I think I have a rage problem :D

    Anyways what about you guys?

    inb4 Call of Duty or WoW :P

  • Tribes Ascend was full of rage for me. Both because it couldn’t live up to Tribes 2, and because slow cappers taking the flag when I was coming in at 250+ drove me nuts.

  • Arma 2. Too buggy and the respawn timer goes on for centuries.

  • The very first Metal Gear and its bosses like dirty duck… very very very cryptic but I am proud to say I beat it with out any form of guide or any other nooblord handicap :D …very proud yes…

    Also playing Spelunky for a while can provoke quite a temper if your on the clock.

  • Battlefield 3, any CoD, Chivalry, God of War 1 during the escape from Hades part, Mortal Kombat when my combos don’t come out, the board game Risk when I lose 12 dice rolls in a row even though I have 8 cannons and the other guy has a few horses on Iceland, Team Fortress 2 when I see how convoluted and retarded it has become, Counter-Strike, Tim Horton’s roll up the rim contest when I always see “Please play again!” and I punch an orphan kitten. These are a few examples.


  • Minesweeper

  • Runescape.

    cause of Fagex

  • Steroids.

    Oh games…ha…ha… :?

    Ummmm, Chivalry sometimes, only because I feel like I’m not always understanding the block system or that someone is way too close for me to even attempt it. Also when people just hit you and constantly do it preventing you from getting one hit in. That’s annoying.

    If anyone has ever played the game Rage, there’s a mini-game that you play Five Finger Fillet and that was frustrating.

    Hmmmm…there’s not too much that makes me rage. I never thrown a controller or felt the need to go on a rant of swear words but there’s some games that made me go damn it, what the hell game.

  • I used to rage at DotA, but the rage in that game is so overwhelming I just became numb to it. Now I’m stoic at all times.

  • I rage when the popup stops me from typing after every single duel.

    oh yeah thats chiv.

  • @gregcau:

    I rage when the popup stops me from typing after every single duel.

    oh yeah thats chiv.

    I know we discussed how to fix this a while ago but I can’t remember what (if any at this time) official changes will be made.

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