DirectX 11 Physx support and multisampling antialiasing?

  • Hi i think there should be a graphical update to push the game onwards a little bit.Direct X 11 codepath is there and just needs polished and fixed so we can have a few extra effects and frame per second.

    Physx is also available for the UT3 engine and would add another dimension if used for weather effects and cloth or dust particle simulation.

    And lastly would be Multisampling Antialissing up to 8xMSAA.Right now the game is using FXAA tied into depth of field alongside color grading.Just remove FXAA from the depth of field setting and let us replace it with MSAA/CSAA please.FXAA blur is killing a lot of detail in the game and making it look low res.

    And if you could add in some support for the new super widescreens using 21:9 aspect ratio i think that would be an amazing experience.

  • The FXAA and depth of field is terrible, its a shame that motion blur and the color grading are bound to it

    You can already force MSAA and SSAA trough drivers

  • About MSAA (copied from my earlier post):

    MaxMultiSamples=4 (or probably any power of 2) and
    It causes a weird one pixel wide border around the game screen however.

  • Use SMAA injector. You don’t get banned from this. I’ve been using this for Red Orchestra 2 (Same engine) for a year now and still no ban. I just didn’t use it for Chivalry because I found no need to. (You don’t see very far, optimization is terrible) You lose 10 fps from using it but image is very very clear.


  • Any way to force dx11 though?

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