[SOLVED]Uncap framerate doesn't work anymore?

  • Hello the chivalry community,

    I haven’t played for some month Chivalry, but yesterday i launched it and what a surprise when i saw my FPS with “stat FPS” command , i’m stuck at 60FPS despite that i set the “bsmoothframerate” to “FALSE” in the “UDKengine.ini” file :(

    What’s going wrong with that ? We can’t uncap the framerate to 90FPS now? Did i miss something?

    Thanks for your help. :D

  • The Vsync was activated….sorry.

  • This still caps your framerate to 90, if you want a higher framerate than that, reenable it and set it to 122 instead

  • Thanks for the reply.

    You mean reset the “bsmoothframerate” to “TRUE” but where i put “122” ?

    122FPS is the maximum framerate on this game? (if the hardware allow it of course)

  • Some people have achieved over 300 fps.

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