• Hey.

    I played Van/Knight, 36 lvl

    We all know that archers could ruin everythin what is funny in this game. Especially in TO when somebody plays in attacking team and suddenly she or he discovers that half of the team ( or more ) are archers. Well meybe I should not talk about (mostl often seen ) archers skills, coz you everybody know how “common” arch. stats are lookin like and how they play ( cover in the back, waitin for some kill to steal, not doing objective like NEVER and NEVER say sory after tk like other players used to do ). I dont say archer are not useful coz good archers ( in some reasonable amount ) are very valuable characters on battlefield but that, what is happening after STEAM sale is some nightmare. Earlier was too many archers but now it is some SWARM ! I just do not understand why somebody just have to be an archer and stats like 2-20 and constantly 0 objectives points wont change it. Most “thinking” players change character they play, depending on “battle terms”. I mean, when I play Van and I see that enemy team has a lot of knights so meybe i change to knight with some blunt dmg to be more effective against them and so on. But archers not. Archers almost never changes into something else. You see like 7-8 archers in your team, you write “STOP CHOOSIN ARCHERS!!” and then meybe one person changes and will play some warrior, the rest of them will be shootin birds like before and be happy and proud of their uselles existence on battlefield. Chivalry, beatiful game we love, turnin into call of duty with bows and if i wanted to play “click more, shoot more” i would not spend money for “another kind” game.

    So please, make some list of servers with archers limits coz I am going to be really tired play 16v16 against 8 archers with enemy team ane 9 archers in my …

    In my opinion, server browser should have option to find only servers with character limits since its posibble to make such a limits.

    I hope you know servers that kind and you will reply to this post coz that kind of list will be very useful and valuable for many of us who just want to have nice time with playin MEDIEVAL WARFARE not MEDIEVAL SHOOTIN RANGE or MEDIEVAL DAGGER SPAM ( ease of blockin heavy weapons with small dagger and ease of dagger piercincg plate mails - those two things are unbelivable and just stupid for me )

    I saw some server with limits (2-4) but unf. something bad happend with my FAV list and its empty …

    Thx for readin and wait for replies.

  • The Xigmatek server is limited. Don’t know about others.
    I look forward to shooting you with my crossbow. :)

  • my Zweihander cant wait to know you better my friend ;]
    Thx for serv.

  • Xigmatek US2 and Xigmatek US3 Large Battlefield are for you!
    The first one allow 42 players and the other one allow 64 players.
    They have both a limit of 5 archers per team.
    It’s basicly where I play when there’s people in them.

    EDIT : It’s also fun to cut the head of BillDoor in those servers XD

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