Pyre (rare?) glitch

  • I was playing on Hillside in Team Objective as a Mason knight. Agatha succeded to lit the pyre, but luck was on our side, I was close to it. After cleaning the place of all Agathian scrubs, I pressed E to pull out the fire, but somehow, it wasn’t working, and we failed the objective.

    To top this, my guy would keep trying to pull out the fire even after the objective was done, except I could spin on place and jump! It’s a shame I didn’t had anything to record this, but I took 2 pictures. That was so funny … =137686078 … =137686132

    I believe it’s a rare glitch that happenend there, but I though it should be posted anyway.
    Also, Fire Nemesis is still broken (I know, achievements are not the priority, but it’s 1 of the 7 that I’m missing :P)

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