Please make changes to the duel mode menus for next patch

  • Without a complete overhaul lets make some improvements

    Fix the end of duel popup

    Probably the most annoying thing because it interrupts the end of game typing and is pretty much useless.

    • You can get to spectate and change loadout from the menu.
    • Rematch can be replaced by a proper challenge system.

    So instead

    Fix the menu screen.

    Challenge System

    It really does not work very well, so changes

  • That end of duel piece of crap fucks up your typing and then fucks up your mouse.

    It is so freakin buggy it makes me rage quit - JUST BECAUSE OF THAT.

    fuck that.

  • Yeah. They’ve stated in a video Q&A that they’re not happy with the interface so… they’re probably already thinking about these kinds of things.

  • Just delete it. Delete all of the duel mode UI. There is nothing salvageable from it.

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