Shield wont raise during group attack

  • Hi,

    I seem to have an issue which I am not sure is a bug or just game design.

    Basically when being wailed upon in a group, having a wave of successive attacks the connect stops my ability to raise my shield when repeatedly pressing the button to raise. Seems like quite an important thing to be able to do when you need some way of stopping the hammer of blows once one slips inside your guard.

  • Every block drains stamina, you probably have just run out of stamina, you can’t 1 man army in this game if you are beset by 2 or more opponents try and retreat back to your teammates and shout help using the in game voice commands default keys are “z” and “x”.

  • also when you are hit without blocking you will be stunned, you can move around but can’t block or attack for a few milliseconds.

  • I imagine its the second then as i definitely had enough stamina. Wasn’t trying to 1 man army anything. THEY attacked ME! :P.

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