A new term in Chivalry? "Turd Logging"

  • Y0iGXCxJL5g

    We thought it fitted with what was happening and it seems to be quite frequent! I turd log at least once every 3 duels and the lift map… oh lawd, turd logging everywhere.

    Hope you enjoy


  • Aka Mario Hopping, Goomba-ing, or just bouncing.

  • I hate this in the game. “I’m gonna jump at this guy and stab him straight in the fontanelle!!!” bounce bounce bounce “What? Where the hell is h- SLASH aaaaw, there he is”

    Or you fall off a cliff, like you did. Either that, or you bump away in some direction and get a bit disoriented.

    I think when you jump at someones head, he should stumble forward/backward. Like if he was kicked. Also losing some health since a fully armored person ontop of his head can’t feel good, and it wouldn’t be too overpowered because how often do people jump ontop of eachother’s heads? :P If he has really low health, his head could do a blunt damage explosion. Hehe.

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