Hacker or just bad lag/connection?

  • So I was on a official server a while ago and there was guy that was warping around it looked like.
    When I asked him what was up with that he just said “I live in France so I have bad lag”
    He was moving and attacking super fast to and his ping was like 280ish. After a while the server emptyed (not fun to keep dying from unblockable swings)

    Anyway I’m wondering if the devs or server admins should/shouldn’t put a ping limit (say 150) because frankly in a game that requires split second reactions a lagging player is a headache in my opinion, what do you all think?

  • On the official servers, there won’t be one, if I unterstood that correctly. But if you ask me, it would be necessary, since it ruins the game for the players with good ping.

  • I completely agree. 150 is a good limit but even that is a bit high, i cant play this game at pings above about 50. Starts to get way way too choppy. I used to be able to play up to 120 but every update seems to make the game more shoddy.

    Also, tab + b, select name, initiate votekick, lagger gone.

    And yes if his ping was around 300 whatever weird stuff you saw was likely lag related not hax

  • I used to play the game at a 20-40 ping. However, since the content-patch is there, I mostly have 70-80, which is noticeable. My connection is exactly the same. That’s really annoying.

  • Have any of you heard of votekick?

    That’s how you get rid of players with high ping.

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