Are Veteran Helmets still bugged?

  • Hey, just unlocked my first vet helmet for knight, i selected it for both Mason and Agatha but when i went in game i just had the normal helmet. So are they still bugged?

  • Doesnt work for me on Official Servers either.

  • Are they going to be fixed in the next patch?

  • well to me they only work on official servers but not ALWAYS. Sometimes i see all the others running around with nice veteran helmets but I don’t have mine :(

  • Yeah the only time they do work is on official servers.

    Sometimes it will reset your veteran helmets back to default. So you think you have it selected but
    You don’t.

    When the last patch came out vet helmets worked fine. 2 days later they stopped working.

    Why. And why do they only work on official servers.

    Will they be fixed next patch?

    When customisation comes out will we have the same problem of things not showing up?

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