Adding variety to the game

  • Don’t know how many of you remember a game that came out in 1998 called ‘Die By the Sword’. That game allowed you to swing your sword freely using the joystick, and also allowed you to chop off legs, arms and heads. Unlike Chivalry, if you lost a leg in ‘Die By the Sword’, you weren’t necessarily killed. You could lose a leg and hop around, although, if you lost both legs you died. If your opponent chopped off your sword arm, you were left to run around without a weapon, which, you can imagine, wasn’t very effective :) There were plenty of times where I lost both an arm and a leg but was still able to finish off my enemy.

    I would love to see players able to survive losing limbs in Chivalry and still be able to fight. If nothing else, it would certainly be amusing :D

    Another thing that ‘Die By the Sword’ had was non-human fighters. The most interesting of these was a very large ogre. It was pretty amusing to play as him. When you would hit guys with his huge club, they would go flying across the arena, maybe losing a limb in the process. I could see a variation of the village attack where a rampaging ogre and a few of his minions are opposed by a defending force of humans. It would take some imagination as to how to implement this properly, but I think it could be fun.

    I see this game as having lots of possibilities for expansion. A single player campaign, ala Mount & Blade would be great as well. I have been a long time player of the single player campaign in Mount & Blade, and what has kept me playing is the mods that fans have made. I’ll give a little plug for ‘Prophesy of Pendor’ which I think is a great mod. I will be curious to see what direction the devs take with Chivalry in the future; whether it will stay the tightly focused game that it is today, or branch out more and become a franchise. I think that for long term success, you want to keep adding variety to the game, because without new things to experience, all games eventually get old; it really depends on how ambitious the devs are and how much community support the game has. Here’s hoping Chivalry has a good long run. 8-)

  • I would love to see some sort of dungeon style with fantasy creatures. Your idea has merit but it will most likely be a mod someone makes.

    Way down the line I could see TB having time to work on some extra stuff like this, but not anytime really soon.

  • Yeah, I don’t see this kind of stuff happening until further down the road. I do really like the idea of being able to survive the loss of a limb or two though. Watching the guys hop around on one leg was pretty funny in ‘Die By the Sword’. They would of course, be slowed down, possibly limited to the equivalent of walking speed. Losing your non-sword hand would limit you to using one-handed weapons. If you lost your sword arm, then you would be limited to kicks, shield bashes or punches. Now, if you lost a leg and your sword arm, and didn’t have a shield, all you’d have is a good jab and left hook; you probably wouldn’t last long. :D

    Is it realistic? No, probably not, but I think it would make guys laugh and be fun, which is really what the game is all about. I don’t think you could say it’s less realistic than blocking an overhead halberd swing with a hunting knife anyway :)

  • Sounds cool :D

  • Oh yes, Die by the Sword… Good times.

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