Stopwatch gamemode?

  • A few people were discussing playing maps in stopwatch style (teams take turns playing offense and defense, team with the faster offense time wins) to test balance, which got me thinking…

    Would people enjoy a gamemode where there was a single stage of objectives meant to be completed in say, 5 or 10 minutes, played in this style? I’m sure srs players do this on their servers with normal maps all the time, but this is something meant for pubs.

    The way I envision it you would join either Agatha or Mason, play out the first round, but instead of being switched to the other team before the 2nd round starts, the spawn points on the map get switched. This way both Mason and Agatha have an offense time score, and you can call a winner between them. Obviously, players should NOT be allowed to switch teams mid-game.

    Regular objectives could use existing maps and setups without too much difficulty. For instance, the objective could simply be to burn the farm on battlegrounds. We know that happens pretty quickly, but doing it absolutely as fast as possible would be the key here. On Stoneshill you could even have all the attackers spawn with torches if you wanted to speed up house-burning as an objective.

    In addition to making challenging, serious objectives, I think there’s a lot of room to make fun little mini-game type missions with this mode, and the balance doesn’t matter toooo much because in the end players will play both sides.

    Anyone have any further suggestions or changes to this idea? Just tossing it out here.

  • It’s a good idea, but isn’t it just a bit TOO hardcore for Chivalry? This seems more like an esports thing.

  • I don’t think it would necessarily be too hardcore. I do think it would liven things up a bit, though.

  • Its a good idea when the pubs are balanced. For unbalanced teams the losers are not going to want to get slaughtered all over again.

    But sure if it was just say 8 minutes long it would be fine.

  • Yeah, the idea is to keep it short so that people don’t mind playing again.

    Like any other map, it’s hard to balance the features re: imbalanced teams. Ideally the offensive objective should be “winnable” in under the 5 minutes or whatever unless the teams are incredibly stacked in favour of the defense. Can’t solve that problem, really, and it applies to every other team based mode too.

    Unlike regular TO where the defense either wins if they make it all the way to the end, or loses otherwise, in this mode there is a difference between losing after 1 minute, and losing after 4 minutes. The objective of the defense isn’t to win so much as it is to hold the enemy at bay for as long as possible.

  • Yes, stopwatch. The only way to get easy balance on maps.

    No need to be so absolute though, let alone people wanting to switch teams, and keep masons and agathas on their respectives sides. I sincerely hope people are clever enough to figure which one is the winning team (already works fine in a plenty of games).

  • Well, I don’t think the spawn switching is something that is too complicated, but it would add a touch of polish and consistency to the experience. But it is just that: polish. Not crucial.

    People switching teams could get pretty annoying though. All the archers would just switch to defense every round.

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