Spartacus TV series

  • I’m not the type that usually raves on about TV shows on a forum, but I feel this one deserves special praise. It also has relevance here since it’s all about gory melee combat.

    I cannot described the rush of adrenaline flowing through me right now, after watching the series finale. God, this show is AMAZING!

    I recommend to everyone with even a passing interest in the rome-era language, politics, gladiatorial style fights, and mature subject matter to check this out. Start at the beginning with Blood and Sand, then Vengeance, and finally War of the Damned.

    Just go watch it now.

  • I heard there was heaps of porn.

  • Yup if that’s what you want it has it too. It’s basically the ultimate guy TV show.

  • Ultimate guy tv show (lol), however… I LOVE this series. The first season was #1… And RIP Andy Whitfield as he will always be THE Spartacus. Liam is doing a good job though and I’m sad that this is the last season, but it has to end at some point xD

    And btw, if you’ve seen the first season already, watch this blooper, it’s hilarious xD


  • I also love this show, it’s among my favorite shows atm which consists of; Vikings, Game of Thrones, and The Walking Dead.

    There were defiantly some twists I didn’t expect in the season finale, can’t wait till the next season though. In the mean time I have a few other shows to occupy mah time, along with Chivalry.

  • :( Good ending for a good season :(

  • @wildwulfy:

    :( Good ending for a good season :(

    Spoiler alert! Gosh.

  • breaking bad has less porn.

  • Breaking Bad, forever the best TV show ever.

  • " Blood and Sand, then Vengeance, and finally War of the Damned. "

    You forgot God of The Arena ;o
    Should watch that after Blood and Sand :p

    God of the arena is one of the best seasons imo, the season final fight is just so brilliant.

  • Dunno, I liked season 1. Then I started to watch season 2, saw some weird guy. Everyone was calling him Spartacus, and every time I’d just yell at the screen “but that’s not even fucking Spartacus! Who the fuck is this guy!?” to no avail. Finished episode 1 and gave up on the series.

  • You’re doing yourself an injustice. Is he as good as Andy Whitfield? No. Is he as close as I can imagine being to him? Yes. He really portrays Spartacus as good as I could possibly have hoped for, I can’t fathom a better replacement. Of course the first episode might feel odd, but you don’t even notice after a couple.

    Trust me… keep watching it. If you regret it, I will punch myself in the face.

  • I was so happy in the final episode, they showed every one of the main-ish characters from all the seasons and ended it with Andy Whitfield’s Spartacus. That made me tear up :(

  • Ah! I have added this to my watch list for a very long time now but because I am watching shows by Andy Yeatman with my kids, I don’t get time to watch these. Anyways, I know I am going to watch it soon with my husband.

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